With its modular design, the AWR* Array Wave Resistivity service fits anywhere in the LWD tool string, enabling flexible BHA configurations. In addition to resistivity data, it delivers scintillation type gamma ray (GR) and near-bit inclination measurements.

Operating at 2 MHz or 500 kHz, transmitters at spacings of 15, 25, and 45 in from the receivers deliver data from multiple depths of investigation. The spacings provide quantitative data for invasion corrections and processing without dielectric assumptions. Horizontal resistivity data are delivered in real time.

Rated for pressures to 25,000 psi and static bottomhole temperatures to 350 degF, the tool can also operate with the ABS battery, which provides more than 300 hours of operating capacity and is replaceable at the rig site.

The AWR service is available in nominal collar sizes from 43⁄4 to 91⁄2 in for hole sizes from 57⁄16 to 26 in and operates in all mud types.