Increase viscosity in water-base drilling fluid systems with Duo-Vis


Duo-Vis biopolymer is a xantham gum used to increase viscosity and provide weight material in water-base drilling fluid systems. It performs effectively in ALL water-systems, from highly-weighted to low-solids systems as well as freshwater, seawater, salt and heavy brine fluid systems.

Duo-Vis biopolymer’s unique chemistry is designed to produce a fluid that is highly shear-thinning and thixotropic allowing for maximum penetration rates. Using Duo-vis delivers an optimized rheological profile of your drilling fluid, maximum hole-cleaning and optimizing hydraulics. Duo-Vis increases the viscosity of drilling mud without creating excessive gel streaks which promises peace of mind and reliable operations.

While Duo-vis biopolymer mixes easily, it is subject to bacterial degradation and treatments with a biocide is recommended to prevent fermentation. Duo-vis biopolymer is also intolerant of high-pH or high-calcium-ion conditions and we recommend storage at room temperature in a dry, well-ventilated area.