The PowerDrive X6 RSS maximizes each well’s productive potential, putting wells in the best place in less time. Because it delivers smoother wellbores, post-drilling operations such as running, casing, and wireline logging are simplified.


CemFIT Heal* flexible self-healing cement system helps ensure well integrity from drilling to abandonment.


An independent operator with wells in Texas and Oklahoma solved sustained casing pressure (SCP) problems with a fit for-basin combination of optimized hole cleaning and self-healing cement.

The CemFIT Heal* flexible self-healing cement system is helping to ensure well integrity from drilling to abandonment on 14 underground gas storage wells onshore Italy.


Self-healing cement system


Fulcrum* cement-conveyed frac performance technology improves hydraulic fracturing efficiency in cemented horizontal wells that are drilled with NAFs. Delivered during the cementing operation, Fulcrum technology helps keep fracturing fluid in the intended reservoir zone by limiting fluid migration through mud channels.


Fulcrum* cement conveyed frac performance technology improved cement bonding and interstage isolation as demonstrated by cement bond logs and higher breakdown pressures during subsequent fracturing operations.

On a three-well pad in New Mexico, an operator cemented two wells conventionally and a third with Fulcrum* cement-conveyed frac performance technology, then performed identical multistage fracture completions.


Advanced flexible expanding cement