VERSAWET is a concentrated and powerful oil-wetting agent for oil-based muds.

VERSAWET organic surfactant is an excellent concentrated and powerful oil-wetting agent used primarily in relaxed-fluid-loss and in lower-lime systems, usually in combination with VERSACOAT which is used as the emulsifier. It is also effective at oil-wetting barite and drill solids to prevent water-wet solids, improves thermal stability, rheological stability, filtration control and emulsion stability while countering the adverse effects of water contamination such as high viscosity, low emulsion stability and water-wet solids.

VERSAWET’s recommended treatment levels depend on the oil-water ratio, anticipated temperatures,desired properties and the other products used in the formulation. VERSAWET surfactant is not recommended for high-lime systems as, under certain conditions, it may cause undesirable viscosity increases (VERSACOAT additive is the recommended wetting agent for most high-lime, medium-temperature applications). VERSAWET should be handled as an industrial chemical, while wearing protective equipment and observing the appropriate safety measures. We recommend storage in a dry, well-ventilated area, in a closed container and away from heat, sparks and flames, and incompatibles.