Whether you own a mud company or you’re thinking of starting one, leverage the power of our strategically located near every Major Basin.

Extreme Fluids has developed a strategy to team up with select companies which understand value, want to become more differentiated and competitive, want access to better and more affordable technology, maintain good client relationships, are well managed, and are operating in active basins within US land. This strategy has been developed to allow our customers to leverage the financial strength, facilities, infrastructure, supply chain, purchasing strength, logistics capability, product quality, and technology of Extreme Fluids.

We fully recognize and acknowledge that business in US land is heavily relationship based. You maintain client relationships, and at Extreme, we will not sell to operators. Our only purpose is to give service companies and their customers a greater competitive advantage by providing the latest technology and expertise.

Beyond preferential pricing, Extreme Fluids can provide a myriad of value-added services and financial accommodations to company to facilitate their growth ambitions, increase profitability, and enhance customer service:

    • Product supply assurance (e.g. barite, bentonite, OBM)
    • Access to infrastructure (warehousing, liquid mud plants, mills).
    • Full access to inventory portfolio including new technology products
    • Technical support
    • Training services
    • Laboratory services
    • Product development services
    • Access to drilling fluids support equipment (i.e. barite silos, liquid mud plants)

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